Our masseurs can help you in many different ways !

Health – it is physical and psychical welfare. To be healthy, one needs to live in harmony with nature and himself.– because man is is also a part of nature. Balanced nutrition, fresh food grown in  one’s native land, clean water and air, adequate physical movement and rest.  interesting job and pleasant colleagues, supportive friends and love of the closest people –  all this is necessary for living a happy and healthy life..
but in the contemporary quick path of life it is good if some of the mentioned preconditions are met. If a person is not content with his life he will be under the stress. We are used to consider stress as a physical condition but it is actually a disorder affecting the functioning of the whole body – itmanifests as  muscle strain, fatique, mood decline and even as malfunctioning of the organism on cell level. All diseases originate from stress.  If a person neither wants nor finds a solution to his problems the body will not be able to cure itself any more.
An infant’s development will be slower if there is too little physical contact. A warm and caring pat on the shoulder alleviates sorrow and gives rise to a feeling of security.
Massage – it is a process lead by a masseur which activates normal functions of  the body, reduces muscular strain, improves blood and lymph circulation, intensifies metabolism in skin as well as in the whole body, influences the nervous system – relaxes, soothes and creates a feeling of welfare…

Good warm hands, willingness to help and knowledge is what we would like to offer you.


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